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Travel to Hong Kong

IMG_3229We got back from visiting family in Hong Kong during Chinese new year, and I’d like to share a few stories and photos.

Our trip got off to a rough start with a flight delay then cancelation in the middle of the night.  The airline was able to arrange hotel for us to rest a few hours before we catch the next flight in the morning.  However, we couldn’t get our check-in luggage since we were going to catch the morning flight.  A bright side, we have a bed to rest for a few hours in the hotel.  At the same time, we have my sister to amend our car pick-up time in Hong Kong due to all the changes to our flight. After more than 24 hours of long journey, we finally arrived to Hong Kong.  We were so happy to see the hotel car and driver all ready with carseat installed for Kendall in the airport!  The best part after a long journey, our family surprised us in the hotel!  I can’t tell you how nice it was to have a warm shower and a first late night dinner with the family.  Kendall was so thrilled to see her cousins!           IMG_3187 IMG_3191IMG_3192IMG_3549IMG_0045IMG_0038My mom’s yummy seafood porridge for Kendall, carrot soup, braised pork and steamed bok choy. IMG_3236IMG_0065

So we were here in Hong Kong during Chinese new year which brings back childhood memories for me while living in Hong Kong for three years in the late ’80s and early ’90s.  Since then I have very little experience with the Chinese new year or it is just a small Asian community where I am living in now and in the past.  But I was excited to celebrate this festive holiday with my husband, daughter (first time visit Hong Kong) and my family.  Before the new year, the family will stuff Lai See (the red envelopes filled with cash gift that are mostly presented to children, clean the house, get a new haircut or new clothes and etc.  But we particularly enjoyed a reunion dinner at my mother’s house.  This is usually done on new year’s eve or a few days before the first day of new year.  We have a tradition dish called, Poon Choi.  The Poon Choi symbolizes togetherness, prosperity and abundance.  This big bowl feast made with many of ingredients that are placed layer by layer in the pot.  The one we have for dinner included vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, bok choy, carrot and mushroom placed on the bottom, roasted pork, roasted duck, shrimp, abalone, steamed chicken, and more placed on top of the pot.  We have a lot of leftovers after dinner and that is considered a blessing to have lots of profit in the remaining of the year.  It is okay to have leftover as it was not meant to be finished.IMG_0090 IMG_0092 IMG_0096IMG_0093IMG_3275Then we went to the Flower Market in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay.  The Flower Markets in Hong Kong begin in the weeks before Chinese new year for people to pick up fresh flowers and plants for their homes and businesses.  However, it was so crowded that we only stayed for a short time.  While we were there, we saw fresh flowers like Paper Whites, Orchids and Cherry Blossom.IMG_3356 IMG_3270IMG_0034IMG_0032IMG_0033Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThe first bite of this roasted pork was so good!   IMG_0133Having dinner with my mother’s good friends.  IMG_3353IMG_3342Having an afternoon snack at Angelina cafe.  IMG_3453We ate delicious food in Hong Kong, including peking duck at Spring Deer restaurant where the chef will slice up the duck meat for you and you can add pancake wrap and condiments to go with the duck.  You can tell my husband was very happy with the Peking Duck, look at his big happy smile!  We also tried dim sum (Chinese small dish or tapas) at T’ang Court, Michelin two-star restaurant and authentic Cantonese cuisine in the Langham hotel.  Tai Ping Koon restaurant is another fun place and founded in 1860.  Their special dishes has Swiss sauce and the souffle for dessert has to order 15-20 minutes ahead of time.  Our hotel also offered exceptional food and we loved the roasted pork and green bean dishes.  It was out of this world!  So, we are really lucky to taste such good food.IMG_3305IMG_3304On the first day of new year morning, after good night sleep and breakfast, Kendall put on a festive outfit to visit grandma’s house.  We gathered together to eat turnip cakes and passed out red envelopes to the children.  The savory turnip cakes has a mixture of radishes, rice powder and water.  I love this dish when I dine in a dim sum restaurant.IMG_0117 Oh hi, Shrek was with us the whole time. IMG_0021It was gloomy the first few days.  IMG_3230Then we were pretty happy to see the sun. IMG_3417This is Kowloon and below is the ocean tunnel to the Hong Kong Island. IMG_3408In our hotel gym and pool areas.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_0025IMG_0024IMG_0108IMG_0103IMG_3448 Here are the views from our hotel room.  Also, we have never seen a window cleaner right so close to us.  Kendall was so curious about what he was doing!  On the second day of new year, we had dinner with the family then came back to the hotel to watch fireworks over Victoria Harbor.  The fireworks exploded with a symphony of lights right out of our room.  It was such a sight and a great memory!

IMG_3227IMG_3225My husband was really interested in getting a suit done but too bad they won’t get to tailor the suit after the new year holiday.IMG_3250

Kendall was so spoiled by her aunties. IMG_0143IMG_3317IMG_3348IMG_3438 IMG_3439In the last few pictures, Kendall’s expressions basically sum up her trip to Hong Kong.  She had such a blast with everyone!  Anyway, it was tiring, exciting, wild, and great and a trip filled with great memories.

Here are some places in Hong Kong we enjoy visited!

Hotel ICON :: I’m so glad we stayed here.  This hotel has great attentive staffs, food and comfort room and bed.  We recommend the Market and Above and Beyond restaurants.

Spring Deer :: We will never forget the tasty Peking duck.

T’ang Court :: We have our first meal there and we want more.

Teawood Cafe :: Casual Taiwanese cafe.  You will know where to find us if I want three cups chicken and minced pork rice bowl.

Tai Hing ::  This cafe has many locations and there is one right across of our hotel.  I heard they have the best BBQ dishes.  But I am just happy to have a cup of milk iced tea and an egg sandwich.

Angelina :: A 110-year-old french pastries and treats from Paris is now in Hong Kong.  This place is hidden in the mall and it might be the cutest place to meet up family and friends for famous hot chocolate, Mont-Blanc and other desserts.

Tai Ping Koon :: An old school and fun place to be to sample western dishes interpreted in a Chinese way.  I like the black and white photos in the restaurant.  They have been in business since 1860.

The Lobby :: A relax place to enjoy high tea and lunch in the Peninsula hotel in Kowloon.  Opened since 1928.  Their sandwiches were so good.  Other fun and interesting facts:  This hotel featured in the classic James Bond movie, “The Man with the Golden Gun,” starring Roger Moore.  During the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in World War II, they used the Peninsula Hotel in Kowloon as their administration and commanding post.    IMG_3394 IMG_3395 IMG_0139Thank you my lovely sisters and brother-in-law for taking pictures for us.  We are planning for another trip back.  I hope you enjoy the post and thank you so much for reading!



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