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Traveling with Babies


I always wonder what would it be like to travel with a baby and now I know as we have just returned from our first flight with our 7 months old baby.  During our trip, I kept thinking I wanted to share my experience with you.  I must say it was a fun experience and now we know what was it is like to travel with a baby.  Here are a few tips I wanted to share with you.

Packing:  One piece of advice is to pack light.  I brought extra pants and long sleeves for the baby.  A few light jackets for layering. We used the laundry mat a few times during our trip so that we have clean crisp clothes to wear.  We brought about two to three days supply of formula and ordered the rest through this diaper website.  It is amazing how quickly they deliver the package to the hotel in less than two days.  My husband ordered some late Saturday afternoon and we actually got them Monday around noon.  All these ideas will definitely save lots of room!

At the airport and on the plane:  Before the flight, we reviewed the TSA policies to make sure we knew what the carry-on policies were for liquids for babies.  We checked in the stroller with no cost through the airline.  We carried our baby on the car seat around the airport, but once we got on the plane she sat on our laps and the flight attendants stored the carseat for us.  Some airlines will let families with children board first but I would recommend to stay off the plane as long as you can so that the baby does not feel confined for a long period of time.  Keep the diaper bag with all the necessities (foods, toys, clothes etc) at your feet in case of turbulence.  We have extra food ready and a pacifier for sucking at take-off and landing.  With all the worries and preparation before the flight, at the end it was much easier than we thought it would be.  If it does not seem easy, stay calm as this phase will pass.

Around town:  We are so glad that we brought our vista uppababy stroller to San Francisco.  We attached the uppababy infant car seat to the vista stroller.  We also used the car seat on a few cab rides around town and it was actually quite easy to strap it in after a few tries.  It was a smooth and comfortable ride for our baby climbing up and down the hill.  We especially like the brake system on the stroller.  When we are on a hike or someday we felt like ditching the stroller, we put on the carrier to go around town.  Free hands!  It is my favorite carrier as it is lightweight, comfy and has lumbar support for daddy!

Hotel:  We used a hotel crib and our baby slept through most of the nights.  We brought the white noise sheep with us to use at night.  I also requested to clear the mini bar so I can store breast milk.  All of the hotels that we have stayed at were very accommodating to our needs.  Just mention your requests at reservation.

IMG_9836IMG_0401    IMG_0115

Enjoy the trip!



  1. Shrek

    Hmmm, ithought they had a strict no ogre policy in san fran? Did they start making exceptions?


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